Monday, July 25, 2011

We have closed our IMM Jurong branch, so COME to ORCHARD CENTREPOINT BAK MEE

We would like to Thank all our customers for supporting us all these years.
We will continue to deliver good quality Indonesian noodle to your table.
We are however, closing down our IMM branch
(due to disappointing experience with the food court operator)
and hence please come to our ORCHARD BRANCH.
VENUE: CENTREPOINT Kopitiam -Basement foodcourt -
(Nearest MRT : Somerset)
OPENING HOURS: DAILY 10 am - 10 pm
We hope to open another one again in due time when we find a suitable location.


  1. Hi,
    Saya pengunjung tetap bakmi IMM sejak buka. Sedih juga harus tutup. Kalau buka lagi di tempat lain, harap kasih tahu kita-kita. Sebagai input, banyak pendukung anda yang tinggal di daerah West. Saya sendiri tinggal di daerah Bukit Gombak.
    Sukses selalu.

  2. Status HALAL dari MUIS nya diteruskan tak ???

  3. Your stall is the only stall other than the drink stall that my hubby n I patronise from bagus fd court.. Missing it a lot... Is the new outlet also halal certified by Muis like the IMM outlet...

  4. Service sucks though. Try take-away and you would know how stingy the chinese lady server in giving soup in small container. Assuming if you buy bakmie bakso and another extra bakso soup. Beware IF she asks "Can combine both bakso soup into one container". Say NO. IF you say OK, she would combine both baksos soupinto ONE SMALL container where the soup has NO taste. Instead of the typical taste of the soup of bakmie bakso where sauce and spices are added, you will get plain soup and miserably given in small container with very less soup. This is how stingy Jiak bakmie's staffs are.